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  • Imagine being known as an influencer in your industry. 
  • Imagine having an ongoing client success campaign that brings in new business without feeling salesy.
  • Imagine your clients spreading good will with a video highlighting the life-changing transformation that happened under your guidance.

Discover our unique marketing strategy to grow your reach by leveraging your best and brightest success stories!


CEO Dan Lievens outlines his company's marketing strategy


Did you know that video testimonials...


Customer testimonials placed alongside more expensive items increased conversion rates 380% 

 70% of marketers say video converts better than any other medium and the average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video than without.


 72% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business


92% of customers watch online video reviews before buying 


10 or more reviews can increase in search traffic


Websites using testimonials saw a 45% increase in traffic compared to those who didn’t 


Who We Help

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to communicate your WHY, a non-profit trying to connect with donors or a small business seeking to create genuine content to put online, we have a creative solution just for you.

Health Professionals

Learn to leverage your patients success stories in building an inspiring movement and that they will be honored to contribute their journey of  transformation.


Non-profit and volunteer organizations love the power of Story Proof to show the success of their mission and build their growing donor base. 

Small Business

We've created campaigns for commercial and residential real estate companies by weaving stories to build good will and manage their reputation in the community. 

Where We Shine

Helping businesses get their brilliance out of their heads and into the world is our sweet spot.
We take your ideas, your inspirations and your scribbled cocktail napkins and build an impactful, seamless system for the masses, getting your dream vision realized!


Client Success

There is not faster way to connect with audiences than through genuine storytelling. The invisible thread stitched throughout our clients base is the ability to turn a simple testimonial into a strategic success story campaign called Story Proof Influence.


Information Portals

& On-line Courses

Clients who are experts in their field or companies on the leading edge of their industry have a desire to leverage their unique systems and make it available to the masses. Offering online courses is a great way to monetize products with recurring income.


Automatic Client


When we build a campaign for a new customer, we ensure that the back end is a functioning machine, so any future projects you add is seamless.  Our goal is to build it right, right from the start so you can sit back and  collect profits and reap the rewards.

Story Proof Success

Watch how we flipped the reputation of a commercial leasing company, rescued a non-profit, spread awareness of a bursting new medical field and redirected the messaging for a home health care agency.

Meet the Founders

Dan & Stacey Lievens

We are a boutique idea and implementation firm that elevates company brands in today's world. WE do this by helping businesses craft authentic messaging based on the powerful testimonials of the clients they serve.   


The team at Amplify X is committed to being your fresh, innovative think tank, ready to help you build the right connections with your audience and grow your new client base.
But most of all, we want you to feel proud of the content you put out in the world. It is your legacy we are talking about, right?

Helping Visionaries Clarify Their Mission

I've done a lot of media, TV, radio and going through this process actually pulled through me something I don't know I would have identified myself. It is allowing me to expand my message in a way that is truly meaningful to me and I know it will make a huge impact... I'm not sure it would have come through without this process.

Alexis Katz


New Business Law Model

"I've worked a lot on my story before. Nothing has come close to the depth of working with Dan. I feel so grateful because I know that as I continue on my career and as a person, I am more committed to the work that I do."



Dr Robyn Benson


Santa Fe Soul Center for Regenerative Medicine

As an entrepreneur, I knew I had to put together and communicate my value proposition and brand clearly to inspire my clients. Unfortunately, too many service providers offer one piece of the puzzle rather than the whole thing.  Working with AmplifyX was one of the best business decisions I made for my growing business.  


Dan and Stacy Lievens guided me through their remarkable program from beginning to end.  And, even when my talk was out in the world inspiring others and my micro course was completed and shared with my ideal clients, Dan and Stacey continue to provide support and guidance to me, as well as encourage me from the sidelines as I evolve and grow my company.  I look forward to continuing to work with them as I grow and evolve my company.

Erin Duffy

Executive Leadership Coach

Inspiration SQRD

Dan & Stacey gave me the most incredible life-changing opportunity to explore the experiences and moments of my life in a way that have allowed me to wrap my entire life and the lessons I've learned into a powerful 5 minute story; my story of living, thriving and wanting to impact the world.

With this story in hand, we set out to build a few customer engagement journeys including an online course that speaks to my life's work and allows prospects to experience me and my work.  


"They aren't just business coaching, they implemented my work into an integrated tech platform."


Having Stacey and Dan on my team has allowed me to quickly pivot and execute on different perspectives of my business.

Kimberly Price

Wellness Coach

Founder of Be A Thriver


According to the book Rocket Fuel...

"Every visionary needs an implementer. One sees the future, the other makes it happen."


We are the Integrators
behind the Visionaries.


And we created the docuseries to highlight our client's vision.  Introducing Dream X, discover how one simple idea ended up impacting the life of millions of people.

Watch how one woman's dream gave hope to women fighting cancer. 

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