Stacey Lievens is an acclaimed Master Craftsmen photographer, author and personal branding expert who supports online entrepreneurs to become the face of their brand. With over 30 years of photography experience in Southern California, as well as a former model, she brings both an eye for detail and a heart centered focus to transforming the image, confidence and brand of her clientele. 


So much more than just great pictures, Stacey incorporates personalized elements of color, style, posture and personality to create photos that truly capture and communicate each client’s unique individuality to the world. In today’s virtual world, your image is your brand. Stacey makes sure the true you shines through.


Stacey is thrilled to bring her drive for inspiring humanity to the Austin Texas where she has partnered her husband Dan in a venture that provides authentic marketing solutions for entrepreneurs. 


Stacey’s portrait gifts are once more revealed in provocative black and white images that speak to the soul of each speaker and is highlighted on their web portal, The Proof at

Dan Lievens is a born entrepreneur and founder of 9 businesses in a variety of industries ranging from information technology, finance and health and wellness companies. He has played integral roles throughout his career driving business realignment with domestic and international growth.

Born to a Taiwanese mother and Dutch father, he spent his youth traveling the world as the son of a Diplomat for the Belgian Government. Raised all over southeast Asia, Dan was educated in British, French, Dutch and Chinese schools. His university education began in Singapore which eventually led him to America where he received his MBA from Penn State.

Dan is well-known for his rapid, nimble and strategic execution. With a broad understanding of technology, business and marketing. As an early pioneer, he built the first co-working facility in Philadelphia, where he assisted hundreds of early and mid-stage companies in analyzing business demands and providing solutions based on clear market drivers to help take their business to the next level.

Today his primary focus is rooted in advancing the cause for purpose driven businesses and organizations eager to elevate the World we share.