Dan Lievens


Dan Lievens is a Business and Technology Consultant with 20 years of hands-on experience with early stage companies. Dan is known as an expert at bringing business and technical worlds together in a variety of industries including telecommunications, legal, restaurants, retail, real estate and health and wellness.

In addition to his position at AmplifyX, he is Managing Partner at HeadRoom, which provides Small Businesses and Start-ups the resources they require to take a quantum leap forward. Having started multiple businesses in a wide range of industries, the team is able to guide and assist the business owner in every step of the way.

He has wide industry experience in online e-commerce, start-ups, information technology, software and database development and is well-known for his rapid and strategic execution. His areas of specialization include IT strategy, online campaigns, web analytics, requirement analysis, design, construction, testing and implementation of applications. With a broad understanding of technology and business, Dan has assisted many early and mid-stage companies in analyzing business demands and providing solutions based on clear market drivers to help take their business to the next level.

Dan is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, French, Dutch and English and has an MBA from Pennsylvania State University with an undergraduate degree in Business.


Stacey Lievens


An acclaimed Master Craftsmen photographer, author and personal branding expert, Stacey supports women entrepreneurs to become the face of their brand. With over 30 years of photography experience, as well as a former model, she brings both an eye for detail and a heart centered focus to transforming the image, confidence and brand of her clientele. So much more than just great pictures, Stacey incorporates personalized elements of color, style, posture and personality to create photos that truly capture and communicate each client’s unique individuality to the world. In today’s online world, your image is your brand. Stacey makes sure the true you shines through.


Kyle Adams


A self-starter a with great communication skills during collaborative projects, Kyle is committed to achieving the best possible product. Kyle is skilled at developing short form video content to engage audiences and increase sales. In addition to his extensive knowledge of hardware and software relating to video production, Kyle ensures a streamlined workflow, organized storage and understanding of the ever changing scope of visual effects and story telling styles. Oh, and did we tell you how cool he is on set?