Aligning Businesses with Their Purpose  

At AmplifyX we help align businesses with their greater purpose. Check out a few of our case studies below and see how we assisted in their growth.

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Leadership Coach

Donna Ceriani, West Palm Beach Florida
After achieving great personal and professional success in her field, Donna turned her focus to helping other women elevate their own careers, but soon found herself stuck. She had the tools and the experience, but was frustrated with the lackluster reaction she was feeling from her target audience. Stacey helped Donna identify what she was truly passionate about, then weave those elements throughout her message to create a brand that sparkled with her personality, got attention from the right audience, and created powerful connections with the people who needed her most.

How we helped Donna with:
Brand Strategy & Identity, Marketing Photo Portfolio
Trade show booth design, Printed communication, Ebook Design, Email templates, Social Media Banners and Podcast Brand Design

Stacey’s BrandStorming Retreat was one of the BEST decisions I’ve made since starting my business. Originally I called Stacey requesting a new head shot because I had no idea everything that she offered. When she mentioned the BrandStorming Retreat, I signed up still not knowing the wide range of talents she and Daniel have. During the Retreat, she revealed a brand that was absolutely spot on. Before I met Stacey, I struggled having to tell my website person every little detail that I needed. I was often disappointed because I wanted someone who could see beyond what I was imagining. The minute I saw what Stacey was proposing for each of us, I knew that she had a special talent. (I sometimes think she’s channeling a super-power!). I have been so happy with everything she’s created for my business and grateful for her support!
— Donna Ceriani, Leadership Success Coach

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Online Influencer

Jacklyn DiGreggorio, The CuspIt Method

Jaclyn DiGregorio is a best-selling author, keynote speaker and entrepreneur. Jaclyn is the founder and CEO of Cusp It, a wellness brand on a mission to help women develop a high level of self-confidence, by providing them with tools to cultivate a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. Since Jaclyn has spoken at 75 college campuses across the U.S. sharing her story of eating disorder recovery and starting her own company at 21 years old, she wanted to create a leveragable online course that can reach more people with her message.

We helped Jaclyn with: Story Video, Online Course Design, Business Strategy.


The AmplifyX team over delivered on every aspect of my dream of elevating my business goals. I now have a Cuspit Course that I can sell to my growing list of followers. I couldn’t be happier!
— Jaclyn DiGregorio, Body Confidence Coach
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Community Connector

Tony and Leen Salloum were looking for a way to elevate their urban real estate company to a go-to hub for area residents. After consulting with the team at AmplifyX,
their dream was born.
Live Love Media is a community website where local residents can learn more about their hometown and curious transients can discover the benefits of moving to Media, PA. Each month, videos are created to highlight local hotspots including Art Centers and Arboretums.

We helped Live Love Media with:
Website Design, Business Strategy, Story Videos, Logo Design


AmplifyX helped us find a way to show our love and commitment to the community of Media. The website was the perfect expression for us to show our support to the residents we care so much about.
— Tony Salloum, Live Love Media

Uniting Artists

Rockdale Music is a little studio with an enormous heart. Dedicated to nurturing young local talent, Jared Loss has a passion for passing on the knowledge from years of honing his craft to musicians of all ages and skill levels. From the five year old aspiring Rock Star, to retirees looking to fulfill a life-long dream of playing an instrument; all of Jared’s lessons are catered to each budding musician’s wants and needs.
When Jared was seeking more eyeballs on his business, AmplifyX came up with a fun solution to engage organic traffic to his studio. A recording giveaway contest generated the positive hype Jared was looking for.

We helped Jared with Marketing Strategy, Project Management and Story Videos.


The Recording Giveaway Contest was a huge success! It out performed my wildest expectations.
— Jared Loss, Rockdale Music